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About Grethor


Grethor allows you to change and manage your MSN Messenger 7.x personal message and picture. (see the image below for an explanation of what those items are).


How To Use Grethor

When you run Grethor for the first time, you'll have to go into the Settings screen and specify a few values.
  • Run At Login: If you check this on, the program will automatically run each time you login to your machine. If left unchecked, you'll need to run the program yourself when you want to start using it.
  • Change personal message once: This mode only changes your personal message and picture once when the program is first run. It will then re-apply the name every 15 minutes in case MSN Messenger forgets it (which happens sometimes).
  • Change personal message every: In this second mode, it changes your personal message and picture every X number of minutes.
In order for Grethor to change your personal message, you will need to turn on the "What I'm Listening To" mode.

The Latest News

Posted: 2006.September.27 - 7:09:00 PM - Section: Grethor
ThumbsUp I just finished making a minor change to Grethor. Now it gives you the ability to select a personal message and display picture to use when your screensaver comes on.

Posted: 2006.April.13 - 10:47:00 AM - Section: Grethor
Cool I've released an updated version of Grethor. It includes a few minor enhancements and tweaks.

Posted: 2006.January.26 - 2:16:00 PM - Section: Grethor
I've tested Grethor with Windows Live Messenger 8.0 Beta (which is the next version of MSN Messenger), and it works fine. ThumbsUp

Posted: 2005.September.22 - 6:58:00 PM - Section: Grethor
After quite a bit of re-working, i've built a new version of Grethor that works with MSN Messenger 7.x to change your personal message and your display picture. It's really quite cool. ThumbsUp


Download the zip file available below, and run the enclosed EXE file. The installation package will guide you through the rest.

System Requirements


Download the latest version of Grethor Version 2.3 Full Install Version 2.3 Full InstallLocalRead Disclaimer
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