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What Is FragAndFlag:Arena

FragAndFlag:Arena is a server utility for Quake III: Arena that uses an easy to understand graphical user interface (pictures). Using easy to understand check boxes and buttons, the user can quickly get a Quake III: Arena server up and running.

This program can be used to set up Quake III: Arena servers for internet, modem, or local area network games, as well as settings up a single player game. The best feature of FAFA is that it can set up servers for your favourite mods. Currently, FAFA fully supports these mods:
  • CorkScrew v2.13b
  • Freeze Tag v1.5
  • PwrWeapons v7.0
  • Team Arena
  • No Item Quake (NIQ3) v0.9
  • QPong Arena vBeta 1.666
  • Urban Terror vBeta 1.27
  • Coliseum2 v2.2
  • Excessive v3.0
  • ProMode v1.0
  • Eternal Arena v4.1
  • Catch The Chicken vBeta 1.4
If you are a mod author, and you would like FAFA to support your mod, feel free to contact me.

Latest FragAndFlag:Arena News

Posted: 2006.February.14 - 3:32:00 PM - Section: FragAndFlag:Arena
I've released an updated version of FragAndFlag:Arena. This new version doesn't have the annoying banner ad that the old one did, and i also created an install package that puts on everything the program needs to run. ThumbsUp

Posted: 2003.January.31 - 5:10:00 PM - Section: FragAndFlag:Arena
It's been almost a year now, and people are still downloading and using FragAndFlag:Arena, and it hasn't required any bug fixes!

Posted: 2002.February.24 - 10:56:00 PM - Section: FragAndFlag:Arena
I have released version 2.1 for any WinXP users. It has a few minor bug fixes that make it run on WinXP better.

Posted: 2002.January.7 - 5:06:00 PM - Section: FragAndFlag:Arena
In order to keep everyone happy, i have updated FragAndFlag:Arena with a few minor changes to ensure it works fine with the new releases from Corkscrew 2.13b and FreezeTag 1.5. Version 2.0 of FragAndFlag:Arena is only required if you want to use the latest versions of those mods.


Other server utilities restrict the gamestyle to be the same for every map, but not with FAFA. Each map in your list can be played with a different gamestyle. This means you can play Q3DM1 as a Deathmatch game, followed by Q3CTF1 as a CTF game.

But that's not all. Each map can have it's own gravity setting, quad damage amount, and timelimits to name a few. This means you can make Q3DM1 last 20 minutes with almost no gravity, followed by Q3CTF1 with a 10 minute timelimit, and heavy gravity. Each map can be programmed a different way.

When you are selecting either a map or a bot, you will see a small picture of that map/bot to help you decide if you really want to use it. No more guessing what it looked like.

As well, here are a few of the other great features of FAFA:
  • Installation into ANY directory or drive
  • Designed to support Q3 mods
  • Display picture of the map or bot selected
  • Determines the servers IP number
  • Save all settings in a profile, so you can revert back to them in an instant
  • Ability to turn sound effects on or off

Basic Setup

Click the FragAndFlag:Arena icon from your menu (Start, Programs, Pharfruminsain), and the program will load. The very first time you run FAFA, it will ask you to select the directory where you installed Quake III: Arena. Once the program has fully loaded, take a few minutes to move around and explore the program before you continue.

The instructions below are not complete. They are meant to help assist you in understanding how to use FAFA.

Server - From the tab marked Server, set the maximum number of player allowed to join the game, along with a name for your server.

A Listen server is when you are playing Quake on the machine that is hosting other players. It works, but other players may feel lag because of this. A dedicated server is one that does nothing but run the game. No graphics will be displayed.

Maps - Go to the tab marked Maps, and select a map to be played from the list on the left. Add it to the play list (the list on the right) by double clicking it, or by pressing the move button (marked with a >)

Settings - The tabs on the far right are red, and are related to the current map selected from the list of maps to be played. Each one of the settings found here are unique to each map. Feel free to adjust these to make your maps more interesting. A word of caution - adjusting the gravity on a map that requires jump pads to reach a location (like Q3DM17) can be very annoying!


After downloading the FAFA .zip file, just unzip it's contents into a temporary directory. Then just run the enclosed EXE, and it will step you through the installation.

System Requirements


All the required files are in the one main download file. FAFA has an additional sound pak that you can use to enhance the experiance, but is not a required item.

Download the latest version of FragAndFlag:Arena Version 2.2 Full Install Version 2.2 Full InstallLocaldisclaimer
Software Disclaimer

The Future Of FragAndFlag:Arena

Unless a problem occurs, i will now devote my free time to working on coding for (code name) Warrior - the new version of FragAndFlag that will launch the next version of Quake.
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