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About Quake

About The Programs

As a once avid player of games by id Software, I enjoyed creating these utilities for use by the Quake community. All of these programs are free and easy to use.

Quake 3:Arena

FragAndFlag:Arena is a server utility that allows users to easily create a quick game with a few bots, or run a big server across the internet. Support for most of the popular mods has be added to ensure that their is always something worth playing.

.pakMOVER is popular with map makers and modellers, because it allows them to quickly move pak files in and out of the BaseQ3 directory in the blink of an eye.

Quake 2

FragAndFlag is a server utility to set up and run a Quake 2 server in single or multiplayer mode. It supports many mods, so the action never has to stop.

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