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About Quake

What Is FragAndFlag?

FragAndFlag is a graphical user interface that allows you to set your computer up as a server for Quake 2. Using easy to understand check boxes and buttons, the user can quickly get a Quake 2 server up and running.

This program can be used to set up Q2 servers for internet, modem, or local area network games. Full support for Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. Most other Quake 2 mods can be set up as a server as well.

If you want to see some screenshots of FragAndFlag, click here.


  • Supports non-"C:\Quake2" folders
  • Full Capture The Flag support
  • Reports what the users IP number is, if connected to a LAN or the Internet
  • Save all on-screen settings in a profile, so you can revert to them in an instant
  • Ability to turn sound effects on or off
  • Supports Q2 mods. (like Catch The Chicken, FreezeTag, etc)

Basic Setup

Double click the FragAndFlag shortcut you created, and the program will load. If you screwed up the installation, FragAndFlag will tell you what is wrong. FragAndFlag must be installed in a subdirectory called "faf", inside your Quake 2 folder. If it is not installed there, it will tell you. If you are missing a file or directory, it will tell you, and even create missing directories. Take a few minutes to move around and explore the program before you continue.

Setting Up A Deathmatch Server

Go to the tab marked Maps, and add all the original Quake 2 maps by clicking the check box in the lower right corner. Select a map to play from the list on the left, and move it to the right list by clicking the button between the two lists that has an‘>' on it. Continue to add a few more maps to your picked list by doing the same thing.

Next, go to the tab marked Settings. On this tab, you will set all the variables you want to play with. Check 'on' a few that look interesting to you, possibly 'No Armour' or 'Quad Drop'. Don't check the Same Map' box, or you will continually be playing the same map over, and over again.

The time limit for the game is how long Quake 2 will remain on the same map before it advances you to the next map. A frag is the same as a kill, so the frag limit is the maximum number of kills you can get before you advance to the next map. The first player to reach this limit is the winner, and everyone will then advance to the next map where your frag count is reset to zero.


Open the WinZip file called "" by double clicking it. When you extract the contents, be sure that "Use Folder Names" is checked ON. Also, make sure that you point the extraction at the name of your Quake 2 folder. For example, if you called your Quake 2 folder "Qtwo", and it's located in "D:\games\", then extract the file to "D:\games\Qtwo". It's that simple.

At this point, it is recommended that you create a shortcut on the desktop to start FragAndFlag.

System Requirements


Download the latest version of FragAndFlag Enhanced Sounds Enhanced SoundsLocalOptional
Download the latest version of FragAndFlag Version 2.5 Version 2.5LocalRead Disclaimer
Software Disclaimer

Future Of FragAndFlag

I have finished working on this program. I now concentrate on other Quake related projects. If you have an error, please contact me.

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