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I collect old or new authentic Ministry of Transportation North American style rectangular license plates from any province or state. To shut me up, my brother gave me a few old license plates for my birthday.

This is my new car. It's a 2003 GTI 20th Anniversary Edition.
(Click image to see more)

Being silver, my 2001 GTI 1.8T was a snap to keep clean.

Take a good look, 'cause it's really purple. My '95 GTI VR6 was a great car.

This is where i got the name. My first GTI, a '91 16V. It was a bitch to take care of though. Those rims,... oh what a headache. And it was black. Can you say "always dirty"?

Be honest. Who has the better body? Me, or Rob with his silly braids? I knew you'd pick me.

When i went to Walt Disney World in the summer of '98, i got squished by an AT-AT. I guess The Force was getting back at me for bad mouthing Star Wars all the time. Did i mention that Star Trek rules?

It's Xmas 2002, and my niece Dana is horrified when I tell her there is no Santa. (just kidding folks)

Just checking if this thumb still works.

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