What Does Pharfruminsain Mean?

So you want to know what the word Pharfruminsain means huh? If you've ever watched a TV show from the late 80's called Bumper Stumpers, or even tried to figure out what the personalized license plate on the car in front of you says, then you should be able to figure it out.

Pharfruminsain is not a real word. I created it. Pharfruminsain means exactly what it says: "Far From Insane".

This website is my personal way of exploring my web skills, while offering at least something of value to the rest of the world, random web surfers, Xbox gamers, movie watchers, and even the Volkswagen community.

I hope you enjoy your visit. If you don't, then click away from here! Don't waste any more time. Go now before my feelings are hurt.