About The 20th Anniversary Edition GTI Registry

In 2003 the Volkswagen GTI celebrated 20 years in North America. In honour of this milestone, Volkswagen created the 20th Anniversary Edition GTI (20AE).

With only 4,000 numbered units created for the US and 200 for Canada, the 20AE and it's numerous improvements over the regular GTI clearly stands out as not only a rarity, but also as the pinnacle of the GTI.

The purpose of this registry is to document the ownership and distribution of the 20AE across the country. With time, it's goal is to have all 4,200 cars accounted for.

Want To Learn More About The 20th Anniversary Edition GTI?

The folks at VWvortex originally had a small write up about the 20AE (posted in February of 2003), but that article was taken down. You can read what they said here. A small photo gallery with images of stock 20AE cars can be found here.