What To Do If Your 20th Anniversary Edition GTI Has Been Written Off

Having your 20AE written off is not something we want to have happen. But it is a car, and these things happen to cars now and then. The main thing is that you're okay.

In order to be sure that no one is playing a mean prank on anyone, the process of marking a 20AE car as being written off is obviously more complicated. If your 20AE has been written off, please follow these steps:

  • Photograph the deceased car.
  • Email me to let me know, and attach the pictures.
  • Create a new thread in the 20AE/337 forum at VWvortex.
These steps are not meant to embarrass you, but instead to inform the community of this incident, and to provide tangible proof that this unfortunate event has occurred.

20th Anniversary Edition GTI's That Have Been Written Off

DeceasedDeceased Count: 92
0133Greg from Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA
0134Nathan Crenshaw (@NathanEatsSoup) from Clarksville, TN, USA (image)
0155James Woods from Little Ferry, NJ, USA (image)
0180Casey Lamers (Casey) from Madison, WI, USA (image)
0194Oisin McGloin from Yonkers, NY, USA, with ESP
0258John Waller (instrumetal86) from Lynchburg, VA, USA, with ESP (image)
045520AE GTI written off, from FL, USA (image)
048120AE GTI parted out, from Arlington, TX, USA
055620AE GTI written off, from Charleston, NC, USA (image)
0587Corey Wilson from Shickshinny, PA, USA
0626Steve Valasek (steve pickle) from Natrona Hts, PA, USA, with ESP (image)
0646Colin Quinn from York, PA, USA
0661Andy Lee (turbo_GTI_#661) from Fullerton, CA, USA (image)
0666James from NY, USA, with ESP (image)
0711Carlos Fox (raperak74) from Panama City, FL, USA, with ESP
0861Michael Sparks (USAF007) from Palmdale, CA, USA
0905Tim L (Pretarion) from The Colony, TX, USA, with ESP (image)
1024Helder from Philly, PA, USA (image)
1077Ian Ross (iross2k3) from Kailua-Kona, HI, USA, with ESP (image)
1078Matt (gti1078) from Media, PA, USA
1103Chris Seaman from Kansas City, MO, USA, with ESP (image)
1107Luke from Greenville, SC, USA (image)
1256Marissa Deabler from Bechtelsville, PA, USA, with ESP (image)
1260Wyatt Mulroney from FL, USA (image)
1332Jeff King (BrewDude) from Las Vegas, NV, USA (image)
1352Robert Farry from Morgan Hill, CA, USA (image)
1410Tony from NC, USA (image)
1445Nick (NPE GTi) from Columbus, OH, USA, with ESP (image)
1536Kyle Gentilini from Chesapeake, VA, USA (image)
1570Garrett Giles from Woodbridge, VA, USA, with ESP
157120AE GTI written off, from Washington DC, MD, USA (image)
169920AE GTI written off, from Winchendon, MA, USA (image)
1723Nate (TriZe) from Clackamas, OR, USA, with ESP (image)
1753Nick from Westminster, CO, USA (image)
1764Michael M. from Arab, AL, USA (image)
1795Greg (gregaf3) from Newport News, VA, USA, with ESP (image)
1812Brandon Lamprecht from House Springs, MO, USA
1882Martin Bartloff (Martin Bartloff) from Hamton, VA, USA (image)
1903Robin Lee (RL1208117) from Torrance, CA, USA (image)
1908Bob Orr (jdub92) from Chester County, PA, USA (image)
1912Brandon Smouthers (@bmsmouthers) from Monroe, MI, USA (image)
1962Martin Christopher from FL, USA (image)
2048Tomasz Przybylowski (vw187) from Merrick, NY, USA
2073Meghan Railton (*megs*) from New Westminster (BC, CAN), TX, USA, with ESP
207720AE GTI written off, from Colorado Springs, CO, USA (image)
2121Dennis Kelly (NYC20AE) from Queens, NY, USA
2197AJ DeJesus from Hackettstown, NJ, USA, with ESP
221020AE GTI written off, from Hammonton, NJ, USA (image)
2242Kohl's German Auto from Myerstown, PA, USA
2250Paulo Luna from Canyon Country, CA, USA
2259Andrey Tkach from Sacramento, CA, USA (image)
2263Eli Germann (egermann04) from CA, USA (image)
2366Bobby White (ikandi) from Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
2466Jon-darcy (JonDarcy13TV) from Steinbach (MB, CAN), WA, USA (image)
2479Chris (Late-Apex) from Prospect, KY, USA, with ESP (image)
2485Jay (digz) from Meriden, CT, USA
2500Zach from Lakeland, FL, USA (image)
253520AE GTI written off, from Miami, FL, USA (image)
2580Connor H. from Pickerington, OH, USA (image)
2600Rich Cooper (djmanrc) from Alpharetta, GA, USA (image)
2637Steve (Blue20thAE2637) from Monmouth Junction, NJ, USA, with ESP (image)
2653Jon Walas from Hinckley, OH, USA (image)
266320AE GTI written off, from Dubuque, IA, USA (image)
267820AE GTI written off, from Allentown, PA, USA
2761Jay from CA, USA (image)
28242428DISEL from Littleton, CO, USA (image)
283220AE GTI written off, from Detroit, MI, USA (image)
2834James C from Summit Co, OH, USA (image)
2896Kevin Werner (kdub351) from Vista, CA, USA
2974Sukhdeep Bhatti from Charleston, SC, USA, with ESP (image)
2997Cody (Monterey) from Crowley, TX, USA (image)
3021Yuri (bluejetta95) from Akron, OH, USA (image)
3084Jared from PA, USA (image)
3085Alex Gomez (ia13x) from Toms River, NJ, USA (image)
3109John (JMM) from Columbus, OH, USA (image)
3159Chris Dubwagn from CT, USA (image)
3187Nicol Freeman (skitlesamm) from Punta Gorda, FL, USA (image)
3204Greg Aviles from FL, USA, with ESP (image)
3215Brent from Tampa, FL, USA
3509Frank Padula from Woodbridge (ON, CAN), IL, USA, with ESP (image)
3531Birk Albert (reconstructed) from Dresden, Germany, NV, USA, with ESP (image)
354020AE GTI spotted in HI, USA
3642Adrian from Chicago, IL, USA (image)
3731Frank Padula from Woodbridge (ON, CAN), MD, USA
3742Josh Waltimyer from San Jose, CA, USA (image)
3799Clayton from Denver, CO, USA (image)
3888Zack Finer (ZiggityZack) from Bloomington, MN, USA, with ESP
3899Francisco C. from Agoura Hills, CA, USA, with ESP (image)
3955Gregory Hutchison (r2kool4u) from El Paso, TX, USA, with ESP (image)
397220AE GTI written off, from Seattle, WA, USA (image)
5297Colin Kristensen from AB, CAN (image)
532120AE GTI spotted in (Croatia), AB, CAN
Deceased Count: 92
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New Owners Of Deceased 20th Anniversary Edition GTI's

It's not uncommon for insurance companies to sell cars that have been written off to body shops. And it's possible that some body shops will perform extensive repairs to make the car drivable again. It's also possible that the new owner who buys this 20AE car will not fully realize what it has been through.

If reconstructed properly, these cars might be as good as new again. It is also possible that these cars might be stripped and parted out, and may never be driven again.

The new owner of a deceased 20AE can register as being the new owner of it. But once the car has been written off, it will always appear in this list as being written off, regardless of how many new owners it has.

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