About These Freeware Programs

For various reasons, I have created many different programs. This is my showcase for these programs and it allows you to download them for your own personal use. All of these programs are designed to work in the Windows environment. Certain programs require that you have other programs installed to work properly, so be sure to read the system requirements.

All of these programs are freeware. That means you never have to pay anything for them. If you want a custom made program to do something, feel free to contact me. However, please understand that I don't make custom programs for free.

If you ever have any problems with any of these programs, please review these notes I have assembled. It outlines the basic tests you should perform to ensure your system is in tip-top shape. The installation of Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) and Microsoft's Data Access Components (MDAC) is required for most older systems. As well, all of my new development uses the .NET Framework, so you will need to download that from Windows Update.

If you like any of these programs, feel free to tell a friend. And me. I always like to hear that you like what I have done.

All of the programs have their own install package that will install all of the required items onto your harddrive, and into your start menu (as needed). As well, they are all contained in their own Zip file to make downloading easier. If you don't already have WinZip, then go get it now.