Please Read

Although I try to ensure that all my projects run properly on all Windows based systems, sometimes there can be problems.

As I stated on the Programs page, some users will require the installation of Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) and/or Microsoft's Data Access Components (MDAC). You can also get those files from the Microsoft webpage.

As well, you might require a patch or upgrade to your operating system to keep things running smoothly. Microsoft is nice enough to offer these upgrades for free. Please visit Windows Update with Internet Explorer (Not Netscape!) to download all available upgrades.

Some anti-virus software may freeze the install program when you run them. This is because the anti-virus software is protecting your system. If this happens to you, just turn the anti-virus software off, and re-run the install.

Windows ME (WinME) users may experiance problems using some of my software. This is because your operating system is incapable of handling simple tasks. If you have WinME, I recommend you upgrade to Windows XP. And if you're still using Windows 95, I also recommend you upgrade to Windows XP. I don't test my software on either of those old operating systems.

If you still have problems, then please contact me, and we'll work together to solve your problem.