About Vixis

Vixis is a movie playing screensaver that works on systems with one or more monitors. While there might be other movie playing screensavers out there, I built mine so it would span both of my monitors – a feature most others are lacking. The movies only play on the left monitor, but any other monitor you have will go black.

Movie Files

Vixis only plays normal Windows Media Video (WMV) files – if you have any encoded with a special codec, then it’s not going to run. The install package gives you 3 small sample movie clips. I totally expect you to delete them and use your own.

After the release of Halo 3, I made some really nice WMV files of Halo 3 to use as my screensaver files. Now I’ve got that cool Halo 3 loading animation (the one where it builds the Halo ring) as my screensaver – it looks awesome. If you'd like your copy of Vixis to act as a Halo 3 screensaver, you can create your own WMV files, or you can download the ones I've made.

Minimum System Requirements


Halo 3 movie filesSoftware Disclaimer
Version 1.4 Full InstallSoftware Disclaimer