About The Fahrenheit GTI Registry

In 2007 the Volkswagen GTI was one year away from celebrating 25 years in North America. Much like the 337, Volkswagen created the Fahrenheit GTI (FAHR) to get customers warmed up for what was coming in 2008.

With only 1,200 numbered units created for the US and 150 for Canada, the Fahrenheit GTI is going to be a rare car.

The purpose of this registry is to document the ownership and distribution of the Fahrenheit GTI across the country. With time, it's goal is to have all 1,350 cars accounted for.

Want To Learn More About The Fahrenheit GTI?

For a brief description of what makes a Fahrenheit GTI special, read this small spec sheet. A small photo gallery with images of stock Fahrenheit GTI's can be found here.