What To Do If Your Fahrenheit GTI Has Been Written Off

Having your Fahrenheit GTI written off is not something we want to have happen. But it is a car, and these things happen to cars now and then. The main thing is that you're okay.

In order to be sure that no one is playing a mean prank on anyone, the process of marking a Fahrenheit GTI as being written off is obviously more complicated. If your Fahrenheit GTI has been written off, please follow these steps:

  • Photograph the deceased car.
  • Email me to let me know, and attach the pictures.
  • Create a new thread in the Golf/Jetta Mk5 forum at VWvortex.
These steps are not meant to embarrass you, but instead to inform the community of this incident, and to provide tangible proof that this unfortunate event has occurred.

Fahrenheit GTI's That Have Been Written Off

DeceasedDeceased Count: 35
0001Steph from GA, USA
0003Gary Adzhoyan (3DegF°) from Van Nuys, CA, USA
0038Kere Frey (livewrong) from Chicago, IL, USA (image)
0091Wlodarczyk Marcin from Czestochowa, NY, USA
0092Fahrenheit GTI written off, from Mills River, NC, USA (image)
0191Alex Gray from Pawleys Island, SC, USA (image)
0303Fahrenheit GTI written off, from CA, USA (image)
0312Mike Werling (Bird710) from Centerville, OH, USA (image)
0313Alison Smitley from Raleigh, NC, USA (image)
0469Fahrenheit GTI written off, from Orlando, FL, USA
0503Vincent Galione (Deceased) from Tannersville, PA, USA
0561Fahrenheit GTI written off, from Orlando, FL, USA
0597Fahrenheit GTI written off, from CA, USA (image)
0625Tyler Ervin (Megatye115) from Louisville, KY, USA
0669Sarah from Phoenix, MD, USA (image)
0689Fahrenheit GTI written off, from OH, USA (image)
0710Fahrenheit GTI written off, from FL, USA (image)
0734Bernard Wilkes (Bud) from Belchertown, MA, USA (image)
0819Fahrenheit GTI written off, from UT, USA (image)
0857Fahrenheit GTI written off, from NJ, USA (image)
0931KB from TX, USA
0964Fahrenheit GTI written off, from Pulaski, WI, USA (image)
0982Fahrenheit GTI written off, from NJ, USA
0992Fahrenheit GTI written off, from NY, USA (image)
1014Willys Anzora from El Salvador, TX, USA
1017Jarod Schroeder from La Jolla, CA, USA (image)
1042Michael Sigette from Hixson, TN, USA (image)
1113Fahrenheit GTI written off, from NV, USA
1134Blace Kopala from NJ, USA (image)
1192Lincoln from Detroit, MI, USA (image)
0002Jason from Kitchener, ON, CAN (image)
0051Fahrenheit GTI written off, from Edmonton, AB, CAN
0069Fahrenheit GTI written off, from Montreal, QC, CAN (image)
0074Fahrenheit GTI parted out, from ON, CAN (image)
0112Fahrenheit GTI spotted in Burlington, ON, CAN (image)
Deceased Count: 35
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New Owners Of Deceased Fahrenheit GTI's

It's not uncommon for insurance companies to sell cars that have been written off to body shops. And it's possible that some body shops will perform extensive repairs to make the car drivable again. It's also possible that the new owner who buys this Fahrenheit GTI will not fully realize what it has been through.

If reconstructed properly, these cars might be as good as new again. It is also possible that these cars might be stripped and parted out, and may never be driven again.

The new owner of a deceased Fahrenheit GTI can register as being the new owner of it. But once the car has been written off, it will always appear in this list as being written off, regardless of how many new owners it has.

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