Canadian Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTI's

CanadaRegistered Cars: 188
000220AE GTI spotted in NS
0008Tyler from Waterloo, ON, with ESP
0009Joe Piskanoataen (Joem) from Toronto, ON, with ESP
009020AE GTI spotted in QC
0109Nick from Montreal, QC
0192Steve Jutras from Magog, QC, with ESP
025420AE GTI spotted in ON
0261Daniel (Nickolas) from Port Coquitlam, BC, with ESP
0330Andrew Frantz (UberAndy) from Calgary, AB
0335Bobby Brown from BC
0398Jeremie Arpaia (JAVW) from Coteau-du-Lac, QC (image)
042120AE GTI spotted in ON
051620AE GTI spotted in QC
0536Julien from NB
056920AE GTI spotted in ON
0578Nathan (VWguy87) from BC
0585Frederic (fred340) from Montreal, QC
0589Nicolas (nicorod) from st-odilon, QC, with ESP
060320AE GTI spotted in QC
0638strasse from Montreal, QC
078720AE GTI spotted in QC
080020AE GTI spotted in QC
0830Brad Sinclair from Toronto, ON
0845Peter from Victoria, BC, with ESP
087420AE GTI spotted in ON
090520AE GTI spotted in ON
0925Derek Scott (PGfanatic) from AB
0951Jason Gregoire from Ottawa, ON, with ESP
0969Brent from BC, with ESP
1016Tommy Deschênes (gti20thtom) from st-sulpice, QC, with ESP (image)
107620AE GTI spotted in QC
1187Boris (boris1187) from Toronto, ON, with ESP
1222L Magier from Toronto, ON, with ESP
1258Helen (HelensBMP) from Montreal, QC
1329Guillaume B from QC
1360Tristan from Montreal, QC
1413Alex Jamakoa from ON, with ESP
1446Melissa (TUGZVR6) from Newmarket, ON, with ESP (image)
1558Michael Peters from Montreal, QC, with ESP
1569Jonathan (Zythum) from QC
158520AE GTI spotted in QC
1598Frank Massotti (blackbettygti) from Montreal, QC, with ESP
162520AE GTI spotted in Oakville, ON
1662Bernard Hossari (Gri20ae) from Laval, QC
1741Jeff (JB20th) from Ottawa, ON, with ESP
1812Michelle Cyprus (Michy) from New Westminster, BC, with ESP (image)
1834Steve Smith (inmotion) from Langely, BC
1840Joe Davis (Joe) from Haliburton, ON, with ESP
1860Tristan (20th_gti) from Montreal, QC
189720AE GTI spotted in BC
1909Bryan (Thehorns77) from Brantford, ON, with ESP
2017Julian from BC, with ESP
2023Josh Murphy (Jmurph) from Saint John, NB, with ESP
2071BJ from ON
210920AE GTI spotted in AB
2199Tigran P (tigster) from Maple, ON, with ESP
223420AE GTI spotted in BC
2269Daniel I from Richmond Hill, ON
228320AE GTI spotted in Oakville, ON (image)
232520AE GTI spotted in ON
2376Nick Joudrey (nick_joudrey) from Kitchener, ON (image)
254020AE GTI spotted in BC
2571EFFJ from BC
2575Philippe Chagnon from Montréal, QC, with ESP
2625Dominique from Rimouski, QC, with ESP
2636A Cheung from Markham, ON, with ESP
2679James from Montreal, QC, with ESP
2693Kyle Fraser (Sprint01) from White Lake, ON, with ESP
2699Scott Mitchell (HAROMASTER) from Winnipeg, MB, with ESP (image)
2705Reinier (westy) from Kitchener, ON, with ESP
2711Dakota Marini from St. Thomas, ON
2765Christian Buschner (cbuschner) from Vancouver, BC, with ESP
277320AE GTI spotted in ON
2779Kyle from Prince George, BC, with ESP
2788Stephen Szikora from Guelph, ON, with ESP
2794Dean Penner (tdi_getta) from Calgary, AB, with ESP (image)
2800Robert from AB
280220AE GTI spotted in BC
2806Clayton (cloors) from Kamloops, BC, with ESP
2808Ermin Badzak (Batan) from Vancouver, BC, with ESP (image)
2814Eric Derrien (vwderrien) from Bentley, AB
282720AE GTI spotted in QC
2830Ryan Grill (2830GTI) from Abbotsford, BC, with ESP (image)
287020AE GTI spotted in ON
287120AE GTI spotted in QC
2882Paul Bowden (Fukengruven) from Montreal, QC, with ESP
2934D. Munden from Ottawa, ON, with ESP
2940Deuce from Calgary, AB, with ESP (image)
2944Costa (yvr20th) from North Vancouver, BC, with ESP
2950Derek Niers (Ginch) from Calgary, AB, with ESP
2956Paul (Pauldub) from Vaughan, ON, with ESP
2959Gianluca. d’Emilio (John) from Bolton, ON, with ESP
2962Roy from QC, with ESP
2968Guillaume.B. (Gui) from QC, QC
2987Josh Freitas from Cambridge, ON, with ESP
2993Brad Perkins (20THAEBT) from London, ON (image)
300020AE GTI spotted in ON
3005Shailen Moothy from Calgary, AB
3032Nick Roussakis from Montreal, QC
314520AE GTI spotted in ON
3173Mark (WOB_GTI337) from Oakville, ON, with ESP (image)
3248Keith Idland from Red Deer, AB, with ESP
325420AE GTI spotted in ON
3261Patrick from Abbotsford, BC, with ESP
3350Mengil (PVDUBBER) from Cloverdale, BC, with ESP
3397Daniel Hardisty (Dan) from Calgary, AB, with ESP
3453Adrian Wassmer from Courtenay, BC, with ESP
357620AE GTI spotted in ON
3703Raffaele from Brampton, ON
373120AE GTI spotted in ON
380520AE GTI spotted in BC
3826Adrian Burroughs from Victoria, BC, with ESP
3831Eric Henderson (Hendi) from Ottawa, ON, with ESP
392920AE GTI spotted in BC
4199Tigran (tigster) from Maple, ON, with ESP (image)
4991Eric (G2VR6MAN) from Montréal, QC (image)
5000SoccerGTI from Montreal, QC
5010Yanick Gagnon (Twisgabak) from Gatineau, QC (image)
501420AE GTI spotted in Mississauga, ON
5034Bernard from Montreal, QC, with ESP
507120AE GTI spotted in ON
5078Karly Graham from Halifax, NS, with ESP
5082Clayton (VWtrance) from Vancouver, BC
5086Josh Rodford (jrodvdub96) from Grand Valley, ON
5097Raffi K from Hamilton, ON (image)
510720AE GTI spotted in BC
513720AE GTI spotted in BC
5152Matt from Vancouver, BC
5164Kevin from BC
5167Dominic L (doom20) from Drummondville, QC, with ESP
5173Chase De Almeida (2002Golf2.0L) from Toronto, ON
517620AE GTI spotted in ON
5179CANDUBBER from Hamilton, ON, with ESP
5182Jason O (jaywho123) from Prince Albert, SK, with ESP
5188Kevin from Mississauga, ON, with ESP
519220AE GTI spotted in ON
520120AE GTI spotted in ON
520420AE GTI spotted in Mississauga, ON
5210Nigel Theriault (VR6inside) from Conquerall Mills, NS (image)
5216Sepehr S. (Sep) from Richmond Hill, ON
523620AE GTI spotted in ON
528320AE GTI spotted in Mississauga, ON
5297Colin Kristensen from AB (image) (deceased)
5304Tony Romanin (Mooz!) from Niagara Falls, ON
530720AE GTI spotted in ON
531020AE GTI spotted in ON
5319Kyle Dodsworth (London Dub) from London, ON
532120AE GTI spotted in (Croatia), AB (deceased)
5323Craig (Trucky) from London, ON
5333H.E. Penny Packer from BC
5339Paul Micallef from Stoney Creek, ON, with ESP
5357Andrew (20thgti_theandrew) from Halifax, NS, with ESP
5363Deborah from Montreal, QC, with ESP
536620AE GTI spotted in BC
536920AE GTI spotted in SK
537220AE GTI spotted in ON
5375Lucian (GTIfreak) from NS (image)
537820AE GTI spotted in ON
5384A.Madi (Dgspot) from Ottawa, ON
5398Jeremie Arpaia (JA Tuning) from QC (image)
5402Max (Da Bo$$) from Gatineau, QC
5408Kyle (Kyle) from Delta, BC
5411Sacha (50 MPG) from Chicoutimi, QC (image)
5414Jan Valenta (Valenta) from QC
541720AE GTI spotted in ON
542020AE GTI spotted in BC
542920AE GTI spotted in ON
5432Jean-Pierre Richer (Black magic) from Montreal, QC, with ESP
543520AE GTI spotted in Oakville, ON
5720Jade Herrell (BlueBeasy69) from Elberta, AB
589020AE GTI spotted in Montreal, QC
6025Tommy Deschênes (TOMGTI) from QC
6277Ryan Tarampi (Rye_Rye) from Vancouver, BC
7320Elie Habib from (Lebanon, Beirut), QC, with ESP
7809Maikan from QC
874820AE GTI spotted in ON
9506Nic from Cloverdale, BC
951320AE GTI spotted in Oakville, ON
955820AE GTI spotted in ON
9589Jeremy from Winnipeg, MB
9667Ryan (UGO2SLOW) from Pickering, ON, with ESP
9706Matt (vedubb20th) from London, ON
9717Christian (Bolduc) from St-Frédéric de Beauce, QC (image)
9870Michael Lam (Mike) from Vancouver, BC
989920AE GTI spotted in BC
991320AE GTI spotted in Hamilton, ON
992920AE GTI spotted in BC
9973Raamy from Toronto, ON
Registered Cars: 188

Note: Canadian cars are not numbered like cars in the USA. The number shown for Canadian cars is the last 4 digits of the VIN.

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