USA Registered Fahrenheit GTI's

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USARegistered Cars: 51
0031Sean (Julius) from Pittsburgh, PA
0041Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0047Jeff from PA
0086Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0123Arik Koppenhaver from Trevorton, PA
0151Corey Brenneman from PA
0223Nicci B (Marmalade) from Ellwood City, PA
0226Bruce K. from Allentown, PA
0235Dale Mengel from Reading, PA
0255Chupi from Philadelphia, PA
0261Michelle Gehers from Port Trevorton, PA
0265Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0266Jenny Eberhardt from Allentown, PA
0269Jeff Davis from Pittsburgh, PA
0282Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0320Rob Zhu from (ON, CAN), PA
0363Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0401Adam from PA
0416Anitra Hewitt from Pittsburgh, PA
0598Mamie Duff (Cinderella) from West Chester, PA (image)
0614Stephanie Dreisbach from Bloomsburg, PA
0616Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0621Fahrenheit GTI spotted in West Chester, PA (image)
0622Jim from Hanover, PA
0628Colton Baun from Carlisle, PA
0636Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0651Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0674Zack Halfhill (FAHR674) from Lemont Furnace, PA
0679Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0691Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0730Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0731Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0764Pomona Valero from Pittsburgh, PA
0778Korey from Philadelphia, PA
0779Billy from PA
0785Bryan Morrison from Sharpsville, PA
0799Chad Foster from Nazareth, PA (image)
0800Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0808Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
0815Jay Plisinski from Havertown, PA
0816David M. Newman (DT Dave) from Bradford, PA
0829Garrett Moore from Lancaster, PA
0830Amanda (amandub) from Elizabethtown, PA (image)
0954Doug Geyer (dZilla) from Hummelstown, PA
0971Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
1031Joe Desimone (magmajoe) from Lemoyne, PA
1123Fahrenheit GTI spotted in PA
1132Nevin Mitchell Leonhard from Jonestown, PA (image)
1146Juliano Ivkovic from PA
1164Jonathan Acevedo from Quakertown, PA (image)
1176Vwweasel from Lebanon, PA
Registered Cars: 51
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