USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTI's

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USARegistered Cars: 27
0024Justin Eshelman from Enterprise, AL, with ESP (image)
030120AE GTI spotted in AL
0334Josh Robinson from Birmingham, AL, with ESP
0438Vince (Vinchenzo) from Mobile, AL, with ESP (image)
0473Adam (N3ptune) from Birmingham, AL
0554Spongebob from AL
0567Ryan (Method Loser) from Birmingham, AL
1258Wesley (weg786) from Auburn, AL (image)
1359Jon Wallace (madcanary) from Oxford, AL
1468Benjamin Phillips (phillipsb1338) from Opelika, AL, with ESP
1530Derrick (Derk) from Albertville, AL
1534Jeff Chandler (proorange) from Decatur, AL (image)
176120AE GTI spotted in AL
1764Michael M. from Arab, AL (image) (deceased)
2015Jonathan Hill (DHC) from Anniston, AL, with ESP
2058Robert Campbell from Wetumpka, AL
2609Thomas (2-12) from Huntsville, AL (image)
2619Zack Jones from Hazel Green, AL (image)
2766Brant Maze (Brant) from Huntsville, AL
2839German Aguilar from Bessemer, AL, with ESP (image)
3500John Tate (GardendaleGTI) from Gardendale, AL (image)
3548Miguel López (@mkiv.Miguel) from Vestavia Hills, AL
3653John Drosyk (kLePTo) from Montgomery, AL, with ESP
3803Charly Hunt from Montgomery, AL, with ESP
3804Russell Fortenberry (Brer Rabbit) from Arab, AL, with ESP
3832Jazmine Ellis (thugahontus) from Birmingham, AL, with ESP
3907Jonathan Luehmann (06A Technik) from Gadsden, AL
Registered Cars: 27
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