USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTI's

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USARegistered Cars: 414
0048lplascencia from Chula Vista, CA
0061Austyn Guthrie (GTIslut) from San Juan Capistrano, CA
007320AE GTI spotted in CA
0076Carly Devery (GTindie) from Los Angeles, CA
0081Daniel Beers (veedublvr) from Woodland, CA (image)
0086Elliott Perez from Camarillo, CA (image)
0090Jake Seguin (Hooptie) from Oceanside, CA
009520AE GTI spotted in CA
0110Bryant Garnier (slipknot14469) from San Jose, CA
0118Rigo (RIGO) from Monterey Park, CA
0120Jake from Temecula, CA
0154Rob M (20thae) from Sonoma, CA
0157Carlos (gti 20th anniversary) from Hollister, CA, with ESP
0198Ruben Isai (C3CARS) from Yucaipa, CA (image)
0220Ryan Hunter (20th220) from Huntington Beach, CA
0226Alex Ranarivelo (ICIN235) from Santa Monica, CA (image)
0229Brandon Schulze (Brandon_Schulze) from Rancho Cucamonga, CA (image)
0231Eric Stefano (VWFANO) from Long Beach, CA
023220AE GTI spotted in Lathrop, CA
0234Alfredo Rojo from Pachuca de Soto, Hgo. Mex., CA, with ESP (image)
0238Drew Roberts (N1Nirvana) from Travis Afb, CA, with ESP
0252Adam from San Francisco, CA (image)
0257Christopher Arias from Bakersfield, CA
0260Matt from San Jose, CA
0262Ramiro from Santa Ana, CA
026320AE GTI spotted in Lakeside, CA
0266Richard (CRASH420) from Glendale, CA
0270Jonathan Ong (0270) from South San Francisco, CA
0273Dan Paiyou (gti_addict) from San Jose, CA
0277John Hajgato (lagunaroone) from Thousand Oaks, CA, with ESP (image)
0287Arturo Marin from Van Nuys, CA
0294Tim Brennan (20grit_timber) from CA (image)
0420Mitchell Joos from Westlake Village, CA (image)
0466Justin (#466gti) from CA
0470Jose Picos (PeaksMcGee) from Modesto, CA (image)
0487Nick Lechiara from Orange County, CA (image)
0500Rennie Wible (volksdragonvw) from Los Angeles, CA
0509Richard Anguluan from Stockton, CA
0551Andrew Phares (kingknubb) from Burbank, CA
0552Vaughn (mr_vaughn) from CA
058420AE GTI spotted in CA
061120AE GTI spotted in CA
061220AE GTI spotted in CA
0661Andy Lee (turbo_GTI_#661) from Fullerton, CA (image) (deceased)
0667Stephen (20th Ann. #667) from Riverside, CA
0668John (socalvwtech) from Ventura, CA
0673Brian Seymour from San Diego, CA
0675David Burruss from CA
0679George from Monrovia, CA
0684Joe Giannini from Dublin, CA
0685Dustin (DMan11389) from Sacramento, CA
0687David Leslie (No.0687) from Santa Clara, CA
0694Lloyd Argame (Dunplayin) from Northridge, CA
0733Yosimar from Los Angeles, CA
0750Emil (Baby Blues) from Long Beach, CA, with ESP
0753Jeremy (kotei) from San Diego, CA
0764Skim (mortissen) from Los Angeles, CA
076520AE GTI spotted in CA
0770Kevin from CA
0771Thomas from Santa Maria, CA, with ESP (image)
077220AE GTI spotted in CA (image)
0780Chris Dykes (PugSpeed) from San Diego, CA (image)
0786Tim Sa from Livermore, CA
0813Dane Bjerno (AcCeL) from Chino Hills, CA
0815Jason Neely (jn2rons) from CA
0820Tony Nguyen (VwVortex) from San Diego, CA
082420AE GTI spotted in CA
082520AE GTI spotted in CA
0826Brett (b.schulz) from San Francisco, CA (image)
0827Chuy (speeddemon) from San Francisco, CA
0828Jaime (toxich20) from CA
0829Nick from Fairfield, CA
0841Shaun from San Diego, CA, with ESP
0851Robert from Los Angeles, CA, with ESP
0861Michael Sparks (USAF007) from Palmdale, CA (deceased)
0864seiky (duboclik) from CA, with ESP
0870Vazrik (G) from Palmdale, CA
0872Bob Armantrout from Huntington Beach, CA
0875Warren Greer (20thAE875) from Costa Mesa, CA, with ESP
0882Alan Adler (Relda) from La Jolla, CA, with ESP
088520AE GTI spotted in Long Beach, CA
0887BlueGenie from Newbury Park, CA (image)
0889Eduardo Castaneda from San Diego, CA
0890Julián Jiménez (Left) from San José, Costa Rica., CA (image)
0894Peter Choung (G 20th T AE I) from San Francisco, CA (image)
0897Fitz from Milpitas, CA, with ESP
0901Winnie (lushlush) from Los Angeles, CA, with ESP
0903Saba (wicked666) from San Jose, CA, with ESP (image)
0908Autumn N Garcia from Moreno Valley, CA, with ESP (image)
091020AE GTI spotted in Concord, CA
0930Charles Mack from CA
0940Jason Herrick from San Francisco, CA
0941Vassil Krapf (vassilbg) from San Juan Capistrano, CA
094220AE GTI spotted in CA
0943Max (MAXBHP) from Los Angeles, CA, with ESP
0944Joe and Danielle from CA
0945Kevin Eberitzsch from San Rafael, CA
0946Omar Wardak from CA, with ESP
0949flux20aeGTi from CA
0952Tim Miller (Timmo3) from CA, with ESP
0953Jose Cervantes (vivamoz1) from Pacoima, CA, with ESP (image)
0998Farah Shaaban (GTI.TECHNIK) from Los Angeles, CA, with ESP
099920AE GTI spotted in CA
1002Zeke Moya (Jokbrok) from Aptos, CA, with ESP
1006Sean Rader (20thAE#1006) from Travis AFB, CA
1019Mike (chet12) from San Francisco, CA (image)
1021Andrew (Barrel) from Los Angeles, CA, with ESP
1026Jahzeel Huidobro (@jayzeel_h) from North Hollywood, CA
1029Mike (mikeincali) from Rosamond, CA, with ESP
1030Jervey (jarvis307) from Daly City, CA, with ESP
1032Keith (kdub) from Santa Cruz, CA
1035Travis Moon from Downey, CA (image)
103620AE GTI spotted in CA
104520AE GTI spotted in CA
1050Fidel from San Jose, CA, with ESP
105220AE GTI spotted in CA
1054Ryan Stucken (swmpckn) from Discovery Bay, CA, with ESP
1056Keagan McConahay from CA
1058Johnny from Clearlake, CA
1064Jason Sims (spdracr5) from Elk Grove, CA
1069Victor Alomar (VicWorx) from Desert Hot Springs, CA
1072John Nguyen (thisonefoo) from San Jose, CA (image)
1073Greg Wong (NoMSG) from CA
1083Jason from Mission Viejo, CA
1097Marcus (moreil6) from (Burnaby, BC, CAN), CA (image)
1099Martin Schenker (Martiny17) from Ventura, CA, with ESP
1118Mario (kURTA) from Sunnyvale, CA, with ESP
1120Tom Dierkes (JoJo) from Napa, CA
1131Euge (Nebuchadnezzar) from Los Angeles, CA (image)
1132Cory from Gilroy, CA
1135Ronald (VR6 Jwagon w215s) from Long Beach, CA (image)
1149Tom from Vallejo, CA
1154Brandon McNeil (Jazzblu3_20thgti) from Colton, CA, with ESP
1206H. Kell from Los Angeles, CA
1238Kristin from San Diego, CA
1268Cliff Hogg (hoggster) from Fresno, CA
1337Colin Cromwell (1flygti) from Marina Del Rey, CA, with ESP
1339Zach Lorimer (xbamx) from Bakersfield, CA
1340Andrew Muller (blackgti1340) from Redlands, CA
1342Jake Oakley (oakley) from Sacramento, CA, with ESP
1352Robert Farry from Morgan Hill, CA (image) (deceased)
1354Mathew Finkes (my03-20ae) from Ventura, CA
1363Aztek22r from Pasadena, CA
1376Johnny Wall from CA
1406Oliver (20thWabbit) from CA, with ESP
1407Austin from Brentwood, CA, with ESP
1408Ken (kt709394) from Sunnyvale, CA
1411Manuel Lira (g60manny) from Santa Ana, CA
1416Andrew Leisner (ALeisner) from La Canada, CA
1424Robert (robvel80) from San Diego, CA
1431Anthony Sandoval from CA
1432Ryan (Dags_20thAE) from San Diego, CA
145720AE GTI spotted in CA
1458Kyle (KY) from San Diego, CA, with ESP
1459Chris Demanuele (mannydaze) from San Jose, CA, with ESP (image)
1471Corey And Amber White from CA
1476John Yohanna (Pointy) from Valencia, CA
154820AE GTI spotted in CA
1552Bradd Kordenbrock (Brinkmen) from Sacramento, CA (image)
157320AE GTI spotted in CA
1576Ansonwolfe from SF Bay Area, CA
1584Narbie (halchka99) from Glendale, CA
1611Fernando (PHER) from Ensenada, CA, with ESP
1619Arman (SpDsTeR) from Tujunga, CA
1645Christopher M (cimataa) from San Jose, CA
1652Dario L. (Traumer_gti) from Cupertino, CA (image)
1654Marco Arellano from Rosemead, CA
1658Joel Brewer (JBVR6) from CA
1660Dustin Bell from Ventura, CA
1664Leyla Marandi from Mission VIejo, CA
1675Terry Loftis (Terry) from Sacramento, CA
1680Dustin Oglesbee (bearstbear) from La Mesa, CA, with ESP (image)
1691Eric Meyers (nacho483) from Tarzana, CA
169220AE GTI spotted in Spring Valley, CA
1694Charles Rodriguez (Owwchaarlie) from Canoga Park, CA
1701New Century VW from Glendale, CA
1704Ludovic Schorno from Los Angeles, CA
1705Felipe Oliveira (ridgeline) from San Ramon, CA, with ESP
1706Chase (Watgolf) from Roseville, CA, with ESP
171320AE GTI spotted in CA
171920AE GTI spotted in Sunnyvale, CA (image)
1722Delven Blanco (dengalang) from San Diego, CA
1727Manuel Martinez from Chula Vista, CA
1728Mike Evans (MasterBlaster) from San Mateo, CA
1731runnin' rabbit from CA, with ESP
1735Ashutosh Kadakia (ask / askthefool) from Irvine, CA
173620AE GTI spotted in CA
1737Anthony Ramos from Martinez, CA, with ESP
1749Shane from Port Hueneme, CA
1762Bob Duhrke (BobD) from Los Angeles, CA (image)
176620AE GTI spotted in CA
1799Justin (J_cat_meow) from CA
1841Mauricio Bernal from Vista, CA
1850Dustin O (BearstBear) from Miramar, CA
188920AE GTI spotted in CA (image)
1903Robin Lee (RL1208117) from Torrance, CA (image) (deceased)
1932Zaninelli from Pebble Beach, CA
1947Andres Estrada from CA, with ESP
1948GTI1948 from CA
195220AE GTI spotted in CA
1953Mike Young (In-N-Out) from La Palma, CA, with ESP
1955Ben Antonian from CA, with ESP
1957Chris Hobbs from San Jose, CA
196120AE GTI spotted in CA
196520AE GTI spotted in Los Angeles, CA
1967Tim from Vista, CA
1969Don Z from San Francisco Bay Area, CA, with ESP
1971Anthony from Bakersfield, CA
1972Emmanuel Romero from Los Angeles, CA
1974Peter Race (niponki) from San Diego, CA
197520AE GTI spotted in Hollywood, CA (image)
1977Tom Bradvica (Tombradvica) from Covina, CA
1979Nivlag from Brea, CA
1980Russell Gauthier from Pleasanton, CA
1981Deeba Yavrom (Deebo7) from CA
1987Trenton from Newport Beach, CA (image)
1990Adrian Ortiz (Adrian) from Newark, CA (image)
200020AE GTI spotted in Santee, CA (image)
2004Adrian Ortiz (Adrian) from Newark, CA
2006Brian Sosa (B-Boy) from Los Angeles, CA
2009Scott Renteria (ScrotchiGTI) from Carlsbad, CA
2013Myles Harrison from Roseville, CA
2018Gene Lasmarias (o1sHell) from Los Angeles, CA
202720AE GTI spotted in CA
2032Todd T from CA
2033Rob Minnich from San Diego, CA
2036chundar from CA
2037Kasey from Sacramento, CA (image)
203920AE GTI spotted in CA
2040Nate Roth (gdog009) from Los Angeles, CA
2041Eugene Hong from Cupertino, CA
2042Andy G (andysila) from Glendale, CA, with ESP
2043Michael (Dumbeezy) from CA, with ESP
2044Chris (Der Wench) from Huntington Beach, CA, with ESP
2046Phillip Hoshizaki (Phoshi) from Monterey Park, CA
2047Landon from San Jose, CA
2052Brian White (dub_motox) from Santa Clarita, CA
2053Cris Garcia (20thaebuddies) from Los Angeles, CA, with ESP
2054Mario Bojorges from Calexico, CA, with ESP (image)
205620AE GTI spotted in CA
2059Sunnny (VDUB SACK BLUNTS) from Long Beach, CA
2060Jason Rhodes (rhodesman) from San Francisco, CA (image)
2061Austin Dec from Marina, CA
2062Chris (CD155MX) from Alta Loma, CA (image)
2070Pamela (damnpamm) from Fremont, CA (image)
2083Teddy (jazz20thae) from Los Altos, CA
2084Jacob Elliott (@jazz.vw) from CA (image)
2085Stan Paez from Torrance, CA, with ESP
209320AE GTI spotted in Bakersfield, CA (image)
209420AE GTI spotted in CA
211420AE GTI spotted in CA
2129Roberto (Rawbrd1) from Vallejo, CA
2148Johnathan Lim from Long Beach, CA
215220AE GTI spotted in CA
216020AE GTI spotted in CA
2161Aleksandra (GTI4AK) from Cupertino, CA
2163Justin Oechsner from Frazier Park, CA, with ESP
2165Bogeon (ethar) from CA
2168Trevor Curry (T dub C) from CA
2169Jon Enns from Fresno, CA
2170Letty V from CA
2172Rafael Aguirre from fontana, CA
2174Mark Mollat (2EURO) from Tracy, CA (image)
2179Maurice from Los Angeles, CA
2181Spencer Knight from Berkeley, CA
2189Dean Schulenberg (Dean) from Temecula, CA
2194Dustin M. Sausedo (dms05) from Palmdale, CA (image)
220120th wabbit from Irvine, CA
220520AE GTI spotted in CA
2208Geoff Janquart from LBC, CA
2215Lee Watkins from Vacaville-San Jose, CA (image)
2231Luis Farias Sanchez (Second) from San Diego, CA, with ESP (image)
2235Chuck Robertson (lilFlip) from Elk Grove, CA
223620AE GTI spotted in CA
2238Righel V from CA
2250Paulo Luna from Canyon Country, CA (deceased)
2252Emma from San Francisco, CA
225520AE GTI spotted in CA
2256Deana from San Diego, CA
2259Andrey Tkach from Sacramento, CA (image) (deceased)
2260Will Cotter (hynt) from Santa Barbara, CA
2262E Bautista from San Diego, CA
2263Eli Germann (egermann04) from CA (image) (deceased)
2266Cory Devlin (Patsfan) from Gilroy, CA
2267Luke Green from San Diego, CA
2268James Tribble (GTIGermany) from Ramstein AB Germany, CA
2273Vincent Conocono (03BlackMagic20thGTI) from Riverside, CA
2274Jesus L. (ssstaygolddd) from San Diego County, CA (image)
2286Samantha (Samy) from Chula Vista, CA
228820AE GTI spotted in CA
2290Dustin (T dub C) from CA (image)
2295Blake Aronson (BlakeA.) from Huntington Beach, CA, with ESP
2299Tom (VDub#2299) from Culver City, CA
2301Brad Arnold from Saratoga, CA
2306Mario Sierra from Baldwin Park, CA, with ESP (image)
2308Eddie Cortez from CA
2309Jason Dempsey from CA
2312Joe Martin (Rattie) from Palo Alto, CA
2314James Ho (jameschho) from Los Angeles, CA
2321Matt (ionz13) from CA
2351Martin (Audi_Mechanic) from Long Beach, CA
2362David Priest (spedracr5) from Santa Maria, CA
2367Vinicios Moraes from Sausalito, CA
2370Omar Meza (gtirookie) from Downey, CA, with ESP
2390Kevin Martin (Kegdrinka) from Pomona, CA
2399Sebastian Calderon from San Jose, Costa Rica, CA
2464Force from Redondo Beach, CA
2527Antonio Gallardo (Dubrevolution) from San Diego, CA
2660Will Cotter from Santa Barbara, CA
2661Andrew F (Andyxxx) from CA
2684Tyler from CA
2686Jose (20thjose_) from Pacoima, CA
2690Oscar from Ripon, CA, with ESP
2699Mike H. from Walnut Creek, CA
2700Bradd Kordenbrock (Brinkmen) from Sacramento, CA (image)
2701Eric from Fremont, CA
2709Lee (GTI - 20AE) from SF Bay Area, CA
271120AE GTI spotted in CA
273120AE GTI spotted in CA
2738Pistolas from CA
2755Matt from Davis, CA
275820AE GTI spotted in CA
2759Kyle Albrechtsen (20th_ae_chad) from Glendora, CA (image)
2761Jay from CA (image) (deceased)
2765Felipe Partida from Baldwin Park, CA, with ESP
2770Matthew Wood (mjoewood) from Orinda, CA, with ESP
2787Ozcat Mozcat from Pico Rivera, CA
287320AE GTI spotted in CA
2875Brandon Olivarez from Watsonville, CA
2879Ray (Rayraymundo) from Oxnard, CA
2880Cassidy Hebert (Trititan) from Orangevale, CA
2882Tyler Fox (BMP2882) from San Juan Capistrano, CA
2885Bijan Namdar (activeautodub) from Anaheim Hills, CA
2888Jon Borillo from Lancaster, CA
2890Alex Guzman (alex.ivy) from Oceanside, CA
2896Kevin Werner (kdub351) from Vista, CA (deceased)
289720AE GTI spotted in Santa Monica, CA
2905Victor Gonzalez from CA
2906Nathan from IB, CA
2910Chris Goswiller (Goose4540) from Mission Viejo, CA
2914Matthew (padlock) from San Jose, CA
2916Jeff ( from Los Angeles, CA, with ESP
2920Isaac M from Modesto, CA
2922Sean (snkc20) from CA
2923Nik Pluim from CA, with ESP
2924Greg Wittler (GDub) from Sunnyvale, CA
2925Mike Walt (Sifu Mike) from San Francisco, CA, with ESP
2927Steven Porter from San Marcos, CA
2928Alfred Dakota Terronez (Alfred) from Delano, CA
2929Rdelr from Corona, CA, with ESP
2936Roderick & Lauren Bernardino (EXPERIMENT 2936) from Daly City, CA
2957Stephen Amaral (@nra.vb4209) from Gustine, CA, with ESP (image)
2964Jorge from Orange County, CA
2990Brian Arnold (Brians_#2990) from Sacramento, CA
3112Gustavo Ruiz from Los Angeles, CA (image)
3170Plaid Boy from San Diego, CA, with ESP (image)
3175Sam Weghorst (_samk4) from CA, with ESP
319720AE GTI spotted in San Diego, CA
3199Michele (jazzyheart) from CA
3210Patrick Trautfield from San Francisco, CA, with ESP
3212Steve Echegoyen (steve) from Downey, CA, with ESP
3249Alex from Hermosa Beach, CA, with ESP
3264Justin (jmohn1) from Huntington Beach, CA, with ESP (image)
330720AE GTI spotted in CA
331020AE GTI spotted in CA
3321Mike Maddox from CA, with ESP
3326dleach from Aliso Viejo, CA, with ESP
3336Thai (GTI3336) from CA, with ESP
3360Jose Gallardo from CA
3435Carlo (specialinjection) from San Francisco, CA, with ESP (image)
344020AE GTI spotted in CA
3446Addison Marchese (addm) from Orange County, CA (image)
3484John Nguyen (thisonefoo) from San Jose, CA (image)
3488Jay from Oxnard, CA
3506Javier from CA
3510Jonathan Muller (blackgti3510) from Rialto, CA, with ESP (image)
3513Boonie (LB_vDub) from Long Beach, CA
3526Darryle Fernandez (kleebee) from Encinitas, CA (image)
3554AJ (AnjTheManj) from CA, with ESP
3561Mike from Los Angeles, CA, with ESP
3566Angel (Famous Cow) from Norco, CA, with ESP (image)
3568Brian (Blewey) from Valencia, CA, with ESP
358920AE GTI spotted in CA
3592Allan Sosa (Locopro) from San Mateo, CA, with ESP (image)
3601Steven (StevenD) from South Bay, CA
364420AE GTI spotted in Gold River, CA (image)
3650James (JB_MKIV) from Sunnyvale, CA, with ESP
3655Chance O’Neill (Chancemk2) from CA
3674Aexez from Pasadena, CA, with ESP
3719Parker Nims (pnimz01) from Santa Maria, CA, with ESP (image)
3725Rich (Huangrich) from CA (image)
3742Josh Waltimyer from San Jose, CA (image) (deceased)
3792Todd (red913) from Huntington Beach, CA, with ESP (image)
3805Myles Bowen-Walsh (Myles) from Vancouver (BC, CAN), CA, with ESP (image)
3806Mike Suranyi (DucMike) from Citrus Heights, CA, with ESP
3822Douglas Williams (venom600) from Pomona, CA, with ESP
3839Jay (Jay) from CA, with ESP
3856SLOVW from San Luis Obispo, CA, with ESP
3863Michael Rose (mikeyg) from St. Helena, CA, with ESP
386620AE GTI spotted in CA
386920AE GTI spotted in CA
3885Jun Sunga (Juntau11) from Orange, CA, with ESP
3891Stacey Noel from San Diego, CA
3899Francisco C. from Agoura Hills, CA, with ESP (image) (deceased)
3908Michael McDonald (20TH IMOLA 3908) from Oceanside, CA, with ESP (image)
3909Allan Hincapie (sadsdboy) from Imperial Beach, CA, with ESP (image)
3911Ross Ferrari (diestadt) from San Rafael, CA, with ESP
3923Leonard T. (Mk4GLI Dark is Light) from Gardena, CA
392920AE GTI spotted in CA
3947Christian Hergert (chrish01) from Aliso Viejo, CA, with ESP (image)
3966Mike Keenly (mkeenly) from Menlo Park, CA, with ESP
3975David Ferrel from Gardena, CA
3989Aram Osterlye (leg) from Petaluma, CA, with ESP
3998Wally Alarcon (DJwalleee) from San Francisco, CA, with ESP (image)
Registered Cars: 414
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