USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTI's

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USARegistered Cars: 62
0075Jed Bertram (MileHighJed) from Denver, CO (image)
008020AE GTI spotted in CO
0192Jason R. Walker (g3nius) from Aurora, CO, with ESP (image)
0207Dustin Carter (Coolrunning39/MountainMan39) from Denver, CO
0225Saul Santiago Lopez (saul santiago lopez) from Denver, CO
0239Matt Heard (squirrel master) from Denver, CO
0247Brian Vogt from CO
0250Michael (EuroVR6) from Colorado Springs, CO
0289Dustin Hudson from CO
0379Jeff Bennett (saabavalanche) from Colorado Springs, CO
0382Deems Manson (DEEMS) from Parker, CO
0414Brock Blume (bblume) from Highlands Ranch, CO, with ESP
041620AE GTI spotted in Sheridan, CO (image)
0845David Maestas (dmaestas2005) from Aurora, CO (image)
0874N. D. Walker (skodafabiawrc) from Colorado Springs, CO
0925Patrick Wells (Supercharged VR6) from Colorado Springs, CO (image)
0931Steve Bennett (Steve Bennett) from Littleton, CO
0937Joseph M. from CO, with ESP
0965Jaco Crowley (Jmersh) from Loveland, CO, with ESP (image)
1027Travis Gasser from Broomfield, CO, with ESP
1090Zander Reinhardt from Westminster, CO, with ESP
1100Michael Nall (3wheelngti) from Aurora, CO (image)
1139Lindsey (Lindseyalyn145) from CaƱon City, CO
1351Gustavo Rojas from Colorado Springs, CO
1362Justin Drake (drak8012) from Fort Collins, CO
1396Michael Willson (RastaMikeyA4) from Aurora, CO, with ESP (image)
143020AE GTI spotted in CO
1444Joshua Watkins (dubbin8516v) from CO, with ESP (image)
1581Eric D from Craig, CO, with ESP
1597David C (dcbmw94) from Golden, CO
1693Anthony R Jones (Turbojones5280) from Denver, CO
176320AE GTI spotted in Englewood, CO
1813Chad Birchem (thruvines87) from Denver, CO (image)
1917Keenan Cook (geminidubberGTI) from Grand Junction, CO
2002Jacob Stookey from Winter Park, CO
207720AE GTI written off, from Colorado Springs, CO (image) (deceased)
2124Adrian Heilbronner (bizlipkick) from Wichita, CO (image)
2292Jose from CO
2347Hernando (1.8t300hp) from CO
2371David (20th_2371) from CO
2437Alex (photobucket) from Thornton, CO
2523Gardner Nichols from Boulder, CO
2594Jacob Watson (jacobm) from Colorado Springs, CO, with ESP (image)
2735Matthew from Westminster, CO
278120AE GTI spotted in Lakewood, CO (image)
2792Rob M (Plaidfinger) from Littleton, CO
2794Chris Brown (80020vr6) from Broomfield, CO
2804Andrew Moore from CO
2811Caleb Vaught (Mk4_Maggie) from Thornton, CO
2812Gustavo (bigbrzlianboy135) from Thornton, CO
28242428DISEL from Littleton, CO (image) (deceased)
2992Jared C. from CO, with ESP
3119Dan from Arvada, CO
3171Jeremy Frederick (WORMPEACE719) from Colorado Springs, CO, with ESP
321820AE GTI spotted in CO
3223Aleks S. from Denver, CO, with ESP (image)
3277Mike Selander (fotograf) from Elizabeth, CO, with ESP (image)
3279Tom (Tao) from CO, with ESP
3539Cody (iceman_0714) from Grand Junction, CO, with ESP
3799Clayton from Denver, CO (image) (deceased)
3836Joce from Colorado Springs, CO, with ESP
3933Steve Miller from Canon City, CO
Registered Cars: 62
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