USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTI's

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USARegistered Cars: 24
0015Ignacio (Jb20th015) from Wilmington, DE
0021Ryan Zerbe (Zerbe) from Wilmington, DE
0111Michael Sherretz (ud1278) from Newark, DE
0296Irving (20th Ludo) from México DF, DE (image)
098320AE GTI spotted in Dover, DE (image)
1203Dan (cdwnewark) from Newark, DE
124620AE GTI spotted in DE
1861Devon Cuffee (Gti20thgucc) from Milford, DE
1909Diego Reyes from Wilmington, DE (image)
192220AE GTI spotted in DE
2080Chris Maciejewski (ChrisLow) from Wilmington, DE (image)
2494Jeff (MieWang) from Newark, DE
2629Jair (local20th) from Rehoboth Beach, DE
2685Dave Koston (GTI20thAEinDE) from Newark, DE (image)
2734Shaun Scott (Black20th2734) from Newark, DE, with ESP (image)
2863Jacob Meloni from Newark, DE
2979Chris W. from DE
3219Kevin (stang8psi) from Wilm, DE
3393Shane (BlackMagic3393) from Wilmington, DE, with ESP (image)
3451Mark Desena (e-dog) from Watertown, DE, with ESP
3684Craig Hewetson from Newark, DE, with ESP
3724Jason Kocinec (KOS) from Blades, DE
3800Sheden (NineHitCombo) from New Castle, DE
3997Michael Marzilli (Xero_Dobbler) from DE (image)
Registered Cars: 24
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