USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTI's

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USARegistered Cars: 17
0065Chase Bickforr (Cheese) from Sidney, ME
0216Frank Del Duca (myb5quattro) from ME, with ESP
0461Jon Nygaard from ME
0688Molly McDonough from Westbrook, ME, with ESP
074120AE GTI spotted in ME
1225Jack Babbidge from ME
1230Joe from Freeport, ME, with ESP
1998James Mansfield (VDUBBREVO) from Bangor, ME (image)
246920AE GTI spotted in ME
2692Matt Johnson (V-dub-kid-86) from Carmel, ME
2837Jack Babbidge from Bangor, ME
2862Giulio Martin from Belfast, ME, with ESP
3251Alex Long (slick50) from Brunswick, ME, with ESP
3258Brian from Kennebunkport, ME, with ESP
353820AE GTI spotted in ME
3785David Ladebush (20thDave) from Lyman, ME
3968Pat Stanton (MrMarblesTI) from Bowdoin, ME, with ESP (image)
Registered Cars: 17
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