USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTI's

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USARegistered Cars: 201
0010Hugo (Saucin_20th) from Hillside, NJ
0012Shelby Vangieson from NJ
0017Patrick Russell from Laurel Springs, NJ, with ESP
0020Tom Bismark from Farmingdale, NJ
0026JR Martorano (THEBOX) from Skillman, NJ
0051Emilio A Lopez Jr (VdubEmi) from NJ
0077Jonathan Petrosky from NJ, with ESP
009820AE GTI spotted in NJ
0148David Ruiz from Dunellen, NJ
0155James Woods from Little Ferry, NJ (image) (deceased)
0183Russell Digilio from West Paterson, NJ (image)
020520AE GTI spotted in NJ
0291Chris Mcilvaine (burnside) from Hammonton, NJ, with ESP
0338Tyler Crosley from Hamilton, NJ, with ESP
0341Brett Decarlo (djwikid) from Clifton, NJ
0359Carol (Vdubgurl03) from NJ (image)
0361Eric E from Wood-ridge, NJ
0377Jason Klecka from Blairstown, NJ
0387Lou Arias (Shmoe) from Clifton, NJ
0388Brandon Murphy from Pequannock, NJ (image)
0399Brian Harris (Brian harris) from Elmer, NJ
0407Drew from NJ
0421Maureen Harris (4MLA 4D) from West Orange, NJ, with ESP
0433Daniel Polanco from NJ
0435Jason (FikiTiki) from NJ
0441Brad (Bwix or Kobe12) from Forked River, NJ
0451Wah from NJ
0456Eric Lonchambon (Loshambo) from Vineland, NJ, with ESP
0489Rohan Arnett (roebee) from Paterson, NJ
0501Nuno Rodrigues (501) from Kenilworth, NJ
0504William Gilliland (@bananaa_cake) from Pemberton, NJ
0518PITGUY from Harrison, NJ
0525Ray Hooely (butter0525) from Cherry Hill, NJ, with ESP
0526GUIDZ from NJ
0537Nicky C from NJ
0596Fabio (BMP 596) from NJ
0603Anthony J Tozzi (03BMP0603) from Upper Saddle River, NJ
0630Odane Henlin from Willingboro, NJ, with ESP
0632Katelyn from Woodbridge, NJ
063620AE GTI spotted in NJ
0637Jan from Edison, NJ
0656Ken from NJ
0658Kenny Sanchez (Veear6nj) from NJ
074920AE GTI spotted in NJ
079420AE GTI spotted in Phillipsburg, NJ
0895Jennifer (jennygti) from Kearny, NJ, with ESP
0902Fred from NJ, with ESP
0974Enzo Azzollini from Hoboken, NJ, with ESP
0988Andouille Rucci from Jersey Shore, NJ (image)
100120AE GTI spotted in NJ (image)
1011Darren Buseman from NJ
101720AE GTI spotted in Elizabeth, NJ (image)
102020AE GTI spotted in NJ
1055Michael (mf01) from NJ
1071Mark Fray (rockatronrobot) from Willingboro, NJ (image)
1093Ricardo Salazar from NJ
1094Twitch from NJ
1111Joe Luis (Jersey Joe) from Roselle Park, NJ, with ESP
1147Jason (one_buggin20th) from NJ, with ESP
1160Baron Brown from Stanhope, NJ
1179Justin (gti117920ae) from Newark, NJ, with ESP
118620AE GTI spotted in NJ
1194Ed from Clifton, NJ, with ESP
1212Edgar dela Torre (inaki98) from NJ, with ESP
1214Andrew Boho (dubbin_boho) from Long Valley, NJ
1218Daniel H from NJ
1249Mike DiGiuseppe (MKGIY) from NJ
1253Ragi AI. Elias (BMP20AE 1253) from Short Hills, NJ
1299Kevin Kelinman from Vernon, NJ, with ESP
1329Dan from Clifton, NJ (image)
1404Ozzy Reyes from Hackettstown, NJ (image)
1419Dean Allen (DA20thVw) from Beverly, NJ, with ESP
1420Paige (Pblaze) from Linden, NJ (image)
1428JD (Anniversary1428) from NJ
1483James from East Rutherford, NJ
1518Anes (Imola1518) from Clifton, NJ (image)
1565Danni Cruice (boomboom_vw20th) from Stanhope, NJ
1577Kamil (BMPNJ908) from Linden, NJ, with ESP (image)
1588Michael Tragale (MichaelTragale) from Somerset, NJ
1591CJ DAchille (CJ D) from Holmdel, NJ
1614Michael from Garfield, NJ
1633Donavan (thedon_21) from Plainfield, NJ (image)
1646Chris Marchese (Murdered0ut150) from Milford, NJ, with ESP
1669Matthew Mckenna (Mk3panda) from Franklin, NJ, with ESP
1811Mauricio Rodrigues from Kearny, NJ from Lavallette, NJ
1867Jose Melendez from Long Branch, NJ
1869Laura (LelloBeetle) from NJ (image)
1876Dave Fox from NJ
1877Matt S. (disembodied) from C-Town, NJ (image)
18846MT from Clifton, NJ (image)
1885Gordon (bluB5s4) from Somerset, NJ
1887Atte (VWFrolic) from Bergen County, NJ (image)
1888Chris Minks (cmretro) from Closter, NJ
1890David Belo (Seninha) from Short Hills, NJ
190220AE GTI spotted in NJ
191320AE GTI spotted in Upper Montclair, NJ
1930Nick (BabyBoost) from Warren, NJ
1951Troy Ivey Sr from Woodbury, NJ
1978Peter from Fair Lawn, NJ, with ESP
199220AE GTI spotted in Cranford, NJ
2081Andrew Ardis from Wood Ridge, NJ
2091Luigi Oriol (wptrx7) from NJ
2104William Mendelson (skier2146) from NJ, with ESP
2122Ryan Herlihy from Flemington, NJ, with ESP
2144Brett Willey (bwilley04) from Hillsborough, NJ, with ESP
2147Robert Surace from EHT, NJ (image)
2184Simon Malke from Ocean, NJ
2185Hans Kaziu (Deaone123) from Englishtown, NJ, with ESP (image)
2187Dylan (Dye-Lohn nj) from Nutley, NJ
2190Fabio Oliveira (Fabulowso) from Warren, NJ
2195Brian Allen from Belmar, NJ
2197AJ DeJesus from Hackettstown, NJ, with ESP (deceased)
2198Rick Tresch (Ricafella) from Belmar, NJ
2202Yusufu Sylla (Spooled Rabbit) from Trenton, NJ
221020AE GTI written off, from Hammonton, NJ (image) (deceased)
2246A.J. from Westfield, NJ, with ESP
224720AE GTI spotted in NJ
2278Nick R. from Englewood, NJ, with ESP (image)
2368Wikunia from NJ
242220AE GTI spotted in Morristown, NJ (image)
2452Tom from Sayreville, NJ
2463Mike Fichtner from Denville NJ, NJ
2496Nikolay A. Rocafuerte (NkoRoc59) from Saddle Brook, NJ, with ESP
251420AE GTI spotted in Ocean City, NJ (image)
2562Johnny (spoon8818) from South Orange, NJ
2589Ivan (JUS_GT_EYEZ) from Bergen County, NJ (image)
2612Jenny Martinez (Jenny) from CLIFTON, NJ (image)
2626Chuck from NJ, with ESP
2632Michael Gorzynski (420NJ) from Old Bridge, NJ
2637Steve (Blue20thAE2637) from Monmouth Junction, NJ, with ESP (image) (deceased)
265120AE GTI spotted in NJ
2688Mason Ogren (mogrenproductions) from Swedesboro, NJ
269420AE GTI spotted in NJ
2752Tyler Lewin from Carneys Point, NJ (image)
2754Pat Murray (IoSpYoI) from NJ (image)
2795Ed (VDubnit8v) from North Bergen, NJ
2818Kevin (Jw15cod) from East Windsor, NJ
2844Giancarlo Napoli (rabbitslayertas) from Hackettstown, NJ
2856Raj (GTI2856) from NJ
2864Justin Miller (JMMiller221) from NJ (image)
2865Dan (danm1217) from Morris County, NJ
286920AE GTI spotted in NJ
2951Darren from Wayne, NJ (image)
3003Christopher N. Pietropinto from NJ, with ESP (image)
3053Stephen (designtech20ae) from Union, NJ (image)
305720AE GTI spotted in Hillside, NJ (image)
3060Saarang Desai (dubtek3060) from NJ (image)
306420AE GTI spotted in NJ
3074M. Ciccarone (Marshall) from NJ
3076Derek Koch from Brick, NJ
3080Troy from Woodbury, NJ
308120AE GTI spotted in Vineland, NJ (image)
3085Alex Gomez (ia13x) from Toms River, NJ (image) (deceased)
3102Brian from North Brunswick, NJ
3108Tyler (Blk Rabbit) from Holmdel, NJ
3116Nicole Paulk from Warren, NJ
3118Alex Vargas from NJ, with ESP
3137Russ from NJ, with ESP
3140Mike (VWMike81) from New Brunswick, NJ (image)
3149Greek AE from NJ, with ESP
3150Brooke Sturtevant from Burlington, NJ (image)
3160Matthew Plummer (PDubbs20AE) from Hamilton, NJ
3162Ken Sharretts (1.8t dubbin) from Mays Landing, NJ
3166Adam Ruber from Bridgeport, NJ, with ESP
3178Justin (jazz blue 20th) from Sewell, NJ, with ESP
3180Kevin Nash (Nash20thAE) from Somers Point, NJ, with ESP
3183Joseph (jfaris1222) from Paramus, NJ, with ESP
3214Marcin (KaeROeS) from Linden, NJ, with ESP
3288Sam (skizsam) from Pompton Plains, NJ, with ESP
3364Dominic Wlodkya from Colonia, NJ
3454Sharon Crowley from Piscataway, NJ, with ESP
347720AE GTI spotted in NJ
3578Jason Klecka from Blairstown, NJ
3588P.Schmidt from Linwood, NJ
3621Simon (Santos) from West New York, NJ
3699Joe McCormick (Beans44) from Montville, NJ
3709Brian H from NJ
371120AE GTI spotted in Clifton, NJ (image)
3714Brian Van Der Heide (brianvdub) from North Haledon, NJ
3717Alex (@alexxzovko) from 08817, NJ
3727Rob (robs20thae) from Maywood, NJ (image)
3735Chad Hess (JAZZY) from Vernon, NJ
3736OZ from Egg Harbor City, NJ, with ESP
3749Antoni from Clifton, NJ
3752Aleksandar from NJ
3753Jeff from Passaic County, NJ
3765Amy V. from Kearny, NJ
3770Cris Navarrete from North Bergen, NJ
3782Luis (luismr) from NJ
3786Darius Brown (@_Shumma) from Phillipsburg, NJ (image)
3868Victor (Gatman) from Hillsborough, NJ
3879Vikesh (njetzx129) from Old Bridge, NJ, with ESP
3882Dariusz Fudali from Elmwood Park, NJ, with ESP
3915Carlos Rodriguez (arlosc) from NJ
393920AE GTI spotted in NJ
3944Carlos Gomez (Goya) from Vernon, NJ, with ESP
396720AE GTI spotted in Succasunna, NJ (image)
3986Robb from NJ, with ESP
3993Gavin (AznKnif3r) from Metuchen, NJ, with ESP
3994Ariel Hernandez (Slammyjetta) from Old Bridge, NJ, with ESP
Registered Cars: 201
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