USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTI's

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USARegistered Cars: 17
025520AE GTI spotted in NV
0599Noel (Noelster) from Las Vegas, NV, with ESP (image)
0702Mark (Mahkie) from NV (image)
0877Joe Nasty from NV
089920AE GTI spotted in NV
1332Jeff King (BrewDude) from Las Vegas, NV (image) (deceased)
1349Dakota S from Las Vegas, NV
1464Jason from Las Vegas, NV
1754John Stankiewicz (JJ2K1) from Las Vegas, NV, with ESP
1959Matt Ehlert from NV
2055Michael Turner (hooch0083) from Las Vegas, NV, with ESP (image)
2164Bryan Robinson (@Mr.foodmonster) from NV, with ESP
2207Rusty Koester from Las Vegas, NV
2296Michael (VW GTI 20th) from NV (image)
333120AE GTI spotted in NV
3531Birk Albert (reconstructed) from Dresden, Germany, NV, with ESP (image) (deceased)
3631Zak Butcher from Vegas, NV, with ESP
Registered Cars: 17
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