USA Registered 20th Anniversary Edition GTI's

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USARegistered Cars: 140
0009Cheri Friend from Olympia, WA
004020AE GTI spotted in WA
0070TJ Wenaas (TJ) from Vancouver (BC, CAN), WA (image)
0093Jonah Vick (the_nonturbo_diesel) from Arlington, WA
0113Andy (gti113) from District of Columbia, WA
0115Roger from Puyallup, WA
0166Nathan Carez (PNW_VYBZ) from Puyallup, WA, with ESP
0172Jeremy A from Bellingham, WA
018220AE GTI spotted in Poulsbo, WA
0187Jay Krause from Bellingham, WA (image)
0224Keith (eurostance) from Vancouver, WA
0254Travis Vanausdal (Travy420) from Woodinville, WA (image)
026720AE GTI spotted in WA
0276Aaron (acv1080) from Olympia, WA
0328Richard Hoyer (1_hot_vw) from Bremerton, WA
0330Matt Lefler from Deer Park, WA
0344Wade (Martin) from Auburn, WA, with ESP
0440Jeremy (Jazzydub) from WA (image)
0453Jonathan Peterson from Monroe, WA
0464JP Hunnicutt from Graham, WA, with ESP
0482Chet from Lake Tapps, WA, with ESP
0506Tyler Hardy (Rocinante_x1) from Mount Vernon, WA (image)
0607Patricio Kong from WA
0651Brett Carlson from WA
0700Jesse from WA, with ESP
0762Brandon Wiggin (Mk4_bwiggs) from Puyallup, WA, with ESP
0819Adam Gleason (slowbackside) from Seattle Area, WA, with ESP
083620AE GTI spotted in WA
0855Jeff Scott (RidleyScott) from Spokane, WA, with ESP
0869Luis from Tacoma, WA, with ESP (image)
0883Sarah from WA, with ESP
0916Nico Kusmirek from Renton, WA
091720AE GTI spotted in Bremerton, WA
0918Alex Stanley (speed6gti) from Vancouver, WA (image)
0935Michael Trapp from Seattle, WA
0970Hilary Brown from University Place, WA, with ESP (image)
104420AE GTI spotted in WA
1049Kyle from WA
1084Daniel Garcia (dangxiii) from Federal Way, WA
1087Gabriel Piper (Turbovwguy) from Seattle/Tacoma, WA
1102Ben (gtiguy20th) from Everett, WA, with ESP (image)
1126Travis Bleken (T-Nutz) from Seattle, WA
1134Gian & Mike (vwgian) from Seattle, WA (image)
1161James (innova) from Ramstein, Germany, WA, with ESP
1201Kyle Hesse (Kchesse) from Seattle, WA, with ESP
1207Myles Arnold from Spokane, WA, with ESP
123920AE GTI spotted in WA
1248Austin & Tarah Kovach (32Panels) from Lynnwood, WA
1277David Caldwell (2KMCoupe) from Seattle, WA, with ESP (image)
128820AE GTI spotted in WA
1357Austin Vaughan from Olympia, WA, with ESP
1417Fernando N (Mr.) from Seattle, WA, with ESP
1487Erik from Seattle, WA
1707Nate Tucker (Nate.7R) from Kent, WA (image)
1730Kioni from WA
1733Chad Razwick (Razzy) from Renton, WA
1756Austin Torset (Austin Torset) from Snohomish, WA
1765Chris (Chris_p) from WA
1785Bryan Vick (Vlkruzr01) from Tacoma, WA (image)
1789Kev from WA, with ESP
1921Kioni Knutson from Kirkland, WA
1937Darrell (Rudy4) from Edmonds, WA
1983Thomas Cummings from Tacoma, WA, with ESP
2003Frank (Hamard) from Lacey, WA
2118James Bush (jb981) from Chehalis, WA
2120Jason Andexler (SkridlowGTI) from Seattle, WA
2132Stin from Seattle, WA
2133Rick Megee (RMarine) from Bellevue, WA, with ESP (image)
2158Klunbi (Kluns) from Walla Walla, WA, with ESP
2175Ivan (Ivanm244) from Selah, WA
223420AE GTI spotted in WA
2243Roman. K from Seattle, WA (image)
227120AE GTI spotted in WA
2313Rob Astle (W.E.Coyote) from Seattle, WA, with ESP
2315Dom (snub) from Seattle, WA
231620AE GTI spotted in Bellevue, WA
2328Ryan Johnson (No.2328) from Mill Creek, WA
2330Mike Widdle from WA
2331Sheri Allina (Sexy Blue) from WA, with ESP
233320AE GTI spotted in WA
2335Mike Lynch from Seattle, WA
235520AE GTI spotted in WA
2409D Nelson (DN200) from Seattle, WA
2410Matthew Key from Lynnwood, WA (image)
2413Ryan Camden from Edmonds, WA, with ESP
2445Wyatt Brookins from College Place, WA
2454E. S. Reed (Shig) from Seattle, WA
2466Jon-darcy (JonDarcy13TV) from Steinbach (MB, CAN), WA (image) (deceased)
2467Graham Campbell from Seattle, WA
2468Will Parkins (wparkins) from Duvall, WA
2519Mike (20AEGTI) from Tacoma, WA
2520Ben M from Seattle, WA
2522Mike from Kennewick, WA
2524Dat Tran (dat) from Seattle, WA
2529Huy Ta (htchinesep) from Shoreline, WA
2538Jerry M (Gti017) from Everett, WA (image)
2540Vic from Puyallup, WA
2728Ross (KrautBurner) from Wenatchee, WA, with ESP
2750Casey Shinn from Milton, WA (image)
2772Tommy Ingalls from Edmonds, WA, with ESP (image)
2780Jeremy Schroder (js1EightT) from Everett, WA (image)
2800Andrew from Gig Harbor, WA
2802Mike Lovas (Lunchbox) from Burlington, WA (image)
2895Boone Murray (I NEED A 20TH) from Snohomish, WA (image)
2993Jared from Kirkland, WA
3002Matt Evar from WA, with ESP
3015Ryan from Puyallup, WA
3071Brayan Mejia (VWbrayan) from Tacoma, WA
3086Ken Spietz from Seattle, WA
3098Joel (zengineer) from Seattle, WA, with ESP
3133Robb (TheItch) from Seattle, WA
3135J and A Nelson from Tacoma, WA
3203David (ae_gtidriver) from Poulsbo, WA, with ESP
3350Mengil (PVDUBBER) from Blaine, WA, with ESP (image)
3443Ray Ford (are-jay) from Seattle, WA, with ESP
344520AE GTI spotted in WA
3469Jeremy Smith (bizybyker) from Tacoma, WA, with ESP
3491William Jester from Marysville, WA
3532Dan Callahan from Seattle, WA, with ESP
3580Nick (Big Frank) from Cathlamet, WA, with ESP
361620AE GTI spotted in WA
3638Mike Wallace (PLATINUMAUTOS.COM) from Seattle, WA, with ESP
3651Myles Arnold (@myles.arnold) from Spokane, WA
371820AE GTI spotted in WA
3730Taylor Cameron from Port Angeles, WA, with ESP
3784Chris (92gtivr6) from WA, with ESP
3826Kyle Boshier (mkfourlife) from WA, with ESP (image)
3838Jordan (RulluR) from Poulsbo, WA (image)
3857Chris (Cappy 20th AE) from Issaquah, WA, with ESP
3858Eduardo Guzman from WA
3862Paul G (20thAintEasy) from Issaquah, WA, with ESP (image)
3875Brad (bradgti) from WA
388120AE GTI spotted in WA
3886Troy from WA
3896Jonathan Soto (VW_20th_gti) from Olimpia, WA, with ESP
3943Anthony Spain from Camas, WA, with ESP
3957Ryan from Marysville, WA, with ESP
3962Bryan Kindley (confusa) from Seattle, WA, with ESP (image)
3965Jerry (too_quick) from University Place, WA, with ESP
397220AE GTI written off, from Seattle, WA (image) (deceased)
Registered Cars: 140
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