Registered Fahrenheit GLI's

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USARegistered Cars: 19
0045Robert G from CO
0057Fahrenheit GLI spotted in CO
0101Thea Anne Hovet (@thea_101fahrenheit) from Lakewood, CO
0152Tom Murre (Tommygun) from Beamsville (ON, CAN), CO
0289Fahrenheit GLI spotted in CO
0292Martha Martinez (Eileenm2014) from CO
0371Marcus (nicetry101) from Littleton, CO
0372Mathew L Onuschak (Shak) from Colorado Springs, CO
0399Fahrenheit GLI spotted in CO
0462Fahrenheit GLI spotted in CO
0482Luis A. Jordan Jr (NYRICAN70) from Fountain, CO
0606Jason Ornstein (JLO) from Boulder, CO
0617Kyle McClintock from Littleton, CO
0654Abygayle Miller (abygayle._._) from Colorado Springs, CO (image)
0659Fahrenheit GLI spotted in CO
0694Fahrenheit GLI spotted in CO
0856David Mehalko from CO
0902Amanda (VDubb Chick) from Westminster, CO
1191Hunter Shifflett (i_jetta_round) from Colorado Springs, CO
Registered Cars: 19
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