Registered Fahrenheit GLI's

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USARegistered Cars: 51
0037Kait (@kaitvessel) from Winter Haven, FL
0408Marlon (Nemesis) from Coral Springs, FL
0410Fahrenheit GLI spotted in FL
0445David Lampe (Fahrenheit445) from St. Petersburg, FL
0487Frankie Garcia (Lakecountyeuros) from Tavares, FL
0503Kyle Gravois from Pensacola, FL
0518Tyler from FL
0523Kenny Baer from Miami, FL (image) (deceased)
0525Shawn (Fahrenheit 525) from Tampa, FL
0527Fahrenheit GLI spotted in FL
0531Fahrenheit GLI spotted in FL
0535Mark Lyon from Davie, FL
0538Fahrenheit GLI spotted in FL
0541Michael Lucas from Deltona, FL
0542Michael Huffstutler (Mega Mike) from Jacksonville, FL
0545Fahrenheit GLI spotted in FL
0548Annabelle Fajardo from Cutler Bay, FL
0552Fahrenheit GLI spotted in West Palm Beach, FL
0566Fahrenheit GLI spotted in FL
0571Dale MacMahan (Jim Shorts) from Orlando, FL
0586Fahrenheit GLI spotted in FL
0589Jose Gallareta (HoseMcPootis) from Orlando, FL
0590Eddie from Sunrise, FL
0597Alfredo Machado from Ocala, FL
0602Chris Welsher (vind) from Oakland Park, FL
0614Fahrenheit GLI spotted in FL
0633Bryan (RSGLI) from Pensacola, FL (image) (deceased)
0674Shawn from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
0687Jarod (Jarod129) from Titusville, FL
0693Zach from Jacksonville, FL
0712Kenneth from Jacksonville, FL
0720Fahrenheit GLI written off, from Orlando, FL (deceased)
0726Danielle (Farenheit07Jetta) from Ft. Lauderdale, FL (image) (deceased)
0729Teverris Brown (BIG T) from Tampa, FL (image)
0740Cristen Sullivan (CristenEnRoute) from Miami, FL
0793Fahrenheit GLI spotted in FL
0824Sue from Orlando, FL
0849Kevin S. (Yellow GLI) from Daytona Beach, FL
0866Andy from Boca Raton, FL
0876Fahrenheit GLI spotted in FL
0877Andrew Hayes (Waffle) from Coconut Creek, FL (image)
0882Angel from FL
0888Fahrenheit GLI spotted in FL
0891Gustavo Knapp from Miami, FL (image)
0893Jill Munroe (yotaxi) from Jupiter, FL
0903Connor Tobin from Fort Myers, FL
0907Erica Balun from FL (image)
0911Dan from FL
0926TrickyDickERAU from Orange City, FL
0933Mario from Orlando, FL
0935Dave (RUinline) from Jacksonville, FL
Registered Cars: 51
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