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Registered Fahrenheit GLI's

2007 Volkswagen Fahrenheit GLIRegistered Cars : 12
0459Cara Hultgren from MA  
0497Fahrenheit GLI spotted in MA  
0591Mark K. (85urquattro) from MA  
0774Fahrenheit GLI spotted in MA  
0782Fahrenheit GLI spotted in MA  
0861Brian (Fahrenheit861 (Vortex)) from MA  
0942Nate Sullivan (nsull) from Boston, MA  
0950Jarrod (grooveitover) from Fall River, MA  
0974Mark Talmer from MA  
1164Michael Sullivan (MJSfoto1956) from MA  
1166Tin Nguyen (skateboy918) from Brockton, MA  
1171Steven Potvin from MA  
Registered Cars : 12

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