Registered Fahrenheit GLI's

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USARegistered Cars: 13
0003Fahrenheit GLI spotted in Bloomington, MN (image)
0080Todd from MN
0134Charlie from MN
0154Paul K (ptk) from Minnetonka, MN
0613Derek from St. Louis Park, MN
0634Fahrenheit GLI spotted in MN
0645Jen (Glen645) from 55025, MN
0810Fahrenheit GLI spotted in MN
0821Phil from St Paul, MN
0901Rommel Aguilar from MN
0927Bobby (b0bbybisc0) from Minneapolis, MN
0997Jake Leuer from Loretto, MN (image)
1153Cody Houghton from Minneapolis, MN
Registered Cars: 13
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