Registered Fahrenheit GLI's

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USARegistered Cars: 19
0379Kris (AKEURO) from Greensboro, NC (image)
0449Justin & Alicia Moore (Xcracer54) from Salisbury, NC
0486kaliesjoseph from Winston-Salem, NC (image) (deceased)
0563Cameron Williamson (glifahrenheitcameron) from Shallotte, NC
0578Renato Felippa (Renato Felippa) from Raeford, NC
0624Cody (Rockstar2b9) from Jacksonville, NC
0638Fahrenheit GLI spotted in NC
0649Fahrenheit GLI spotted in NC
0696Stefanie from NC
0699Fahrenheit GLI spotted in Garner, NC (image)
0701Fahrenheit GLI spotted in NC
0750Tracy (nckind) from Asheville, NC
0765Kathryn LeVert from Southport, NC
0857Fahrenheit GLI spotted in NC
0873Alan Lambert (Big Al) from Graham, NC
0912Fahrenheit GLI spotted in NC
0917James from Greenville, NC
0928Daniel from Goldsboro, NC
0945Daniel Fry (DANO) from Mooresville, NC (deceased)
Registered Cars: 19
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