Registered Fahrenheit GLI's

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USARegistered Cars: 30
0077Mike (TrigGar) from Columbia, PA
0122Andy (Saams69) from Uniondale, PA
0190Jim Briggs from Pittsburgh, PA
0193Shawn Abate from Marysville, PA
0197Fahrenheit GLI spotted in PA
0201Fahrenheit GLI spotted in Waynesboro, PA
0211Donald Hadley (bulldawg) from Harrisburg, PA
0327Fahrenheit GLI spotted in PA
0334Fahrenheit GLI written off, from Union Dale, PA (deceased)
0485Jeff Seltzer from Newtown Square, PA
0488Fahrenheit GLI written off, from Quakertown, PA (deceased)
0506Fahrenheit GLI spotted in PA
0521Fahrenheit GLI spotted in PA
0533Gary (halkmoon269) from PA
0547Fahrenheit GLI spotted in Harrisburg, PA (image)
0572Fahrenheit GLI written off, from PA (image) (deceased)
0593Chad Moore (seymore15074) from Rochester, PA
0619Dustin Axarlis from Newmanstown, PA
0632Alexander (fahrenheitlad) from Bethlehem, PA (image)
0666Fahrenheit GLI spotted in PA
0672Justin Seeger from New Cumberland, PA
0724Fahrenheit GLI spotted in PA
0747Jerry W. Stirkey (Jerry) from Carlisle, PA
0754Benjamin Desanti from Erie, PA
0759Bryan (Gr8WhiteVr6) from Hville, PA
0909Dee from PA
0973Fahrenheit GLI spotted in PA
0976Aaron (Aaron) from Lancaster, PA (image)
0982Abbie Hunter from York, PA
1184Darrell Schmidt from Lancaster, PA
Registered Cars: 30
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