Registered Fahrenheit GLI's

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USARegistered Cars: 36
0017Brandon Lundh from Seattle, WA
0019Fahrenheit GLI spotted in WA
0020Todd Burnap from Auburn, WA
0023Aldenbert N from Bremerton, WA
0038Sharyl from Snohomish, WA
0039Janise from Gig Harbor, WA
0049Travis P from Tacoma, WA (image)
0062Tim Kramer from Yelm, WA (image)
0096Fahrenheit GLI written off, from Auburn, WA (image) (deceased)
0100Cesar Andres from WA
0185William McKinley (Will) from Belfair, WA
0202Clair Stevenson (Clairbear) from Lacey, WA
0217Adrian Tarasoff Jr from Issaquah, WA
0234Eddie Flores from Pasco, WA
0291Fahrenheit GLI spotted in WA
0305Fahrenheit GLI spotted in WA
0406Jesus Mancilla from Marysville, WA (image)
0428MikeyBrown (Mikey) from Seattle, WA
0447Shayla Johns (Tweeter) from Lacey, WA (image)
0451Charlee from Seattle, WA
0456Fahrenheit GLI spotted in Tacoma, WA (image)
0461Fahrenheit GLI spotted in WA
0496Viper37 from WA
0510Fahrenheit GLI spotted in WA
0513Austin Shobe from Mercer Island, WA
0582Keri Nopens from Colville, WA
0643Fahrenheit GLI spotted in WA
0662Mattii (MattiiCub) from Seattle, WA (image)
0829Kate from WA
0860Shayla Johns (Shayla J) from Lacey, WA (image) (deceased)
1039Michael P (Skeet) from Oak Harbor, WA
1041Amberlin Helton (GUCCI COFFIN) from Lakewood, WA (image)
1067Fahrenheit GLI spotted in Auburn, WA (image)
1103Josh Petersen from Camas, WA
1108DW Short (DickieDoo69) from Woodinville, WA
1128Paul Keller from WA (image)
Registered Cars: 36
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